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released  April 16, 2013

Produced by Brenn Hill and Ryan Tilby 

Recorded at June Audio in Provo, Utah and Jackman Music in Orem, Utah. Engineered by Scott Wiley and Ryan Tilby. 

Mixed by Ryan Tilby 
Mastered by Brian Foraker for Brian Foraker Mastering 
Photography by Tara Bolgiano for Blushing Crow Studio 
Art Direction and Design by Patrick Duffy for Attention 

The Band:

Acoustic Guitars – Ryan Tilby, Rich Dixon, Jared Rogerson 
Bass – Colin Botts, Ryan Tilby 
Percussion – Bart Olson, Sam Payne 
Electric Guitars – Rich Dixon, Ryan Tilby 
Steel, Dobro – Dylan Schorer 
Piano, Organ – Melanie Shore 
Banjo, Mandolin – Ryan Tilby 
Fiddle - Ryan Shupe 
Strings – Aaron Ashton 
Harmonica – Sam Payne 
Background Vocals – Russell Terrell, Brittany Tilby

Song sponsors of this recording include: Robert Boice, Chris Thomas and Roy Barney, Kris and Chuck Bacheller of Falling Rock Ranch, Blushing Crow Studio, Boxcar Arts, and KPIN Radio of Pinedale, WY. Additional assistance was provided by: Wendy and John Walter, Les and Sherree Andersen, Bunny and Tony Martinez, and Sheree and Roy Martin. This project was supported in part by an award from the Wyoming Arts Council, through funding from the Wyoming Legislature. Special thanks goes to: Brenn Hill, Ryan Tilby, all the musicians and vocalists, the song sponsors, Tara Bolgiano, Tim Ruland, Bob Rule, Riley Bennett, Doug Garrick, Jim Halsey, Mom and Dad, Jen, and Jada.

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