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Jared Rogerson is an artist whose cowboy roots have blossomed into a distinct country vibe "...crafted to appeal to cowpokes who are equally comfortable with Chris LeDoux and Bon Jovi" – American Cowboy Magazine. As part of a western generation that grew up on Chris LeDoux, he continues to carry the torch for the culture like other contemporary artists such as Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson. His inevitable career in music was delayed due to a focus on rodeo where he competed as a bareback bronc rider at high school, collegiate, and professional levels. A final rodeo wreck spurred Jared into making music a priority. He now sports an L-shaped scar on the inner joint of his riding arm where the biceps tendon was re-attached. Not the worst of his injuries, but it occurred at a pivotal point in time, allowing him to escape with his life and live a different dream. That same grit and determination Jared developed through rodeo has translated across disciplines resulting in the production of 6 critically acclaimed albums and live performances across the U.S. and Europe. While not on the road, Jared can usually be found in the saddle traversing rugged mountain ranges near his home in Wyoming.  

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