Jared Rogerson (pronounced RAW-jer-son) is an American singer/songwriter whose western roots have blossomed into a distinct  cowboy-rock flavored vibe with evidence of Country, Americana, Rock and Folk influences. His well-crafted lyrics contemplate themes of choice and consequence with a hard honesty and vulnerability ranging from heavy to lighthearted. His studio recordings and live performances deliver truth infused with a genuine authenticity his listeners deserve.  

Jared’s passion for songwriting began at an early age when he enjoyed cleverly changing words to well-known tunes. Over time, his more serious desire of inspiring hearts and minds through the power of song was cultivated by living an adventurous lifestyle and enduring some of life’s most personal successes and failures. His career in music was delayed due to a focus on rodeo where he competed at high school, collegiate, and professional levels. A final rodeo wreck spurred Jared into making music a priority. He now sports an L-shaped scar on the inner joint of his riding arm where the biceps tendon was re-attached. Not the worst of his injuries, but it occurred at a pivotal point in life, providing opportunity to escape and live a different dream.

Jared doesn’t seek approval for his music from the countless contests or numerous award ceremonies offered by the myriad of music associations. Nor does he aspire to settle within the confine of a single genre. Rather, he works tirelessly to do that which is dictated by his own DNA- creating art with music and word, and delivering that result directly to his growing fan base.  

With five albums under his belt and a decade spent on the road, Jared has pleased audiences across 11 states and on two continents. He engages his listeners on a personal level, taking them for an energy-packed ride full of original songs and the stories behind them. He performs regularly as a solo acoustic act or backed by a full band. Jared makes his home near Pinedale, Wyoming with his wife and two children.

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